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Boost Your Brain Function

Today’s nootropics are supplements and/or smart pills that aim at improving cognitive performance in a healthy individual.

Many studies were conducted to generate a substance that will be enhancing memory, concentration and, thereby, mood. If you are looking to gain new skills and intelligence levels, below is top nootropics (both organic and synthetic) that you may start taking right after the review.


I believe is #1 among widely used natural psychoactive drug on Earth. As a caffeine lover, you can find the stimulant in popular drinks as coffee and tea along with sports & isotonic drinks, sodas, and many more. Find out what is the most appropriate and healthy doze (no more than 400 mg daily) for yourself and take it as a brain supplement to your daily consumption. It keeps your attention span longer and maintains brain clarity.


Is a natural compound that can be also found in green tea and, of course, taken as a separate supplement, or together with other substances. A lot of manual hours were put into clinical studies to come up with an optimal doze to be used on a daily bases- up 200 mg of L- Theanine will calm you down with no sleepiness effect. Only 50 mg of the amino acid – circa two cups of tea – will improve your alpha waves, which are responsible for reducing depression and boosting creativity. As stated earlier, a mix of the above nootropics could potentially be an effective cognitive booster going forward.


Is another organic compound, which is being used by your body to produce protein. It’s a solution for those who intake sport supplements and want to boost muscle building, strength enhancement and performance level during the training. After taking the nootropic, it hits your brain where it integrates with phosphate, to eventually fuel your brain cells. As a result, your short-term memory along with critical thinking got pumped. Please mind the dosing and stay safe at 5 mg daily.


Is a perennial herb used in the ancient medicine of Ayurveda to help improve brain function. Research studies have shown that Bacopa is a powerful supplement that can potentially expedite reaction time and how the brain processes information. Additional to that, it may also boost the user’s memory and enhance alertness of the hippocampus. This is a long-term effect so regular intake of 400-600 mg doses of the nootropic will help you get results in the course of several months.


The first synthetic smart pill on our list that can also be used a supplement. Given this is a powerful stack you can feel the effects of the nootropic within a few minutes after consumption which lasts for several hours. The clinical studies show that the pill can speed up the memory restoration by increasing levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor or simply or simply BDNF. These are compounds protect brain neurons and improve the growth of brain cells, especially after serious damages. 

Medical Disclosure: Please consult health professionals before taking these or any other nootropic supplements and smart pills.